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Glamping by Canvas Club

Experience the breathtaking magic of pristine desert landscapes while enjoying unmatchable luxury - this is Glamping by Canvas Club.

Spend an unforgettable night in your private traditional Bedouin tent deep in the desert of Oman. Marvel at the crystal clear starry skies relish the unique tranquility of the desert silence get enchanted by the beauty of the desert and leave your daily grind far behind.

Whether you select a package tour or an expedition individually customized to your preferences. Canvas Club offers you an exclusive oriental experience in unsurpassed privacy.


Whether for one or two nights - a Canvas Club tour means nothing less than booking your own private desert adventure. Experience an unforgettable overnight stay in a genuine Bedouin tent in one of the most beautiful deserts in the world.

Enjoy the absolute silence of the desert and let the incomparable star-filled night carry you into the most peaceful sleep you ever had.

Fully recharged there is only one question left the next morning - are you a desert fox or oasis enthusiast? Adventurers explore the depths of the desert with our professional guides and discover the secrets of the Bedouins. Or maybe become a desert lounger and choose the most refreshing desert experience possible. The incomparable natural ambience of an oasis will enchant you as you cool off with a unique desert splash.

Your Experience

1. Hold fast, the adventure begins!

Get on board the Landcruiser Jeep and the trip begins - across untouched dune landscapes and past wild camels 30 kilometers deep into the beautiful Wahiba Sands Desert.


2. All change please!

There is only one appropriate way to get to a traditional Bedouin camp - on a camel’s back! So climb up and enjoy the unforgettable ride as the sun sets and you slowly close in on the camp. And no worries your luggage will be transported safely to the camp by jeep.


3. Next stop: Dune!

Meet me on top of the highest dune. The perfect place for a warm welcome by our camp manager and a first glimpse on your desert residence spreading below - and much more. We only reveal the following: the whole desert for oneself, it is endless magic…


4. Final sprint!

Almost there. Just a short camel ride down the dune your luxury tents - consisting of a bedroom tent, the Majilis for relaxation and the incomparable bathing tent - wait ready for you. Starting with a well-chilled welcome drink to shake off the dust - all your other wishes are met by your private Chef and our staff standing ready at your disposal.


5. Campfire deluxe!

Sit down at the campfire watch your dinner being cooked right before your eyes and enjoy the unparalleled candlelight atmosphere of the camp - maybe with a romantic dinner!


6. Good morning endless vastness!

Whatever woke you from your deep and peaceful sleep it certainly was not noise. Perhaps it was the irresistible smell of Omani bread freshly baked at the campfire? Or maybe the anticipation of a delicious brunch with a unique desert backdrop. Our recommendation: Get up early and let the pleasures begin.

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